Importance Of Cleansing

Like majority of people, you also will be working a job, following a tight schedule, which hardly has time for exercise, let alone follow a diet. You eat when you can and whatever is available within 5 minutes. We all can carry these habits for a while, but there is a limit how much our body can soldier on. After all, our body is not a machine, and requires proper quality of food, so that it is able to extract nutrients and provide it to our muscles. When our body is deprived of proper nutrients, it starts revolting in form of diseases and disorders.

Let us understand what really happens to our body due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Initially, unhealthy eating causes stomach upsets, acid reflux, and diarrhea. When we continue unhealthy eating habits, our stomach finds a way to deal with it, by increasing acids and by secreting more mucous. Acids help in breakdown of complex food items, but causes acid reflux and Ph imbalance.
Increasing production and secretion of mucous in intestine helps in eliminating food stuff who lack fiber. All the junk and fast food we eat, often contain lots of calories and lack nutrients and essential fibers. This makes them hard to digest and pass through the intestines.

The major disadvantage of mucous deposition is, it cannot be removed naturally, making it more dangerous. It interferes with hormone production, reducing essential hormones and increasing harmful ones. Decrease in production of testosterone causes loss of muscle mass, bone density and increases fat storage. Low levels of testosterone increases levels of estrogen and prolactin. Estrogen and prolactin storage of fat, further damaging our health.

Irregular bowel movements is one of the major outcome of poor colon health. This makes it very difficult to plan schedule, especially if you are a working professional.

Poor colon health has also known to cause various serious illnesses like cancer. Constant deposition of toxins coupled with free radicals cause tumors, which often convert to cancerous growth.

That is why, cleansing of our digestive system and colon is essential to restore digestion and hormone regulations. It doesn’t have to be complicated, you can take small steps in order to stabilize your systems. Small changes like reducing alcohol, eating salads while having meat, consuming lean meats, and a proper exercise routine.  A proper diet will ensure the nutrients are provided in ample amount and on time. An exercise regime will improve blood circulation, improving digestion as well as waste elimination. All these small changes are tried and tested for a long time and guaranteed to work for everybody.

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